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Howler Monkeys

mono aullador retrociclas mtb tours colombia

Name: Mono Aullador Rojo (Esp) - Colombian Red Howling Monkey (Eng) - Alouatta seniculus (Científico)

Geographical distribution: They are present throughout almost all Colombian territory, except in areas higher than 3,000 metres above sea level. Present in the east of Ecuador, northeast Peru, northwest Brazil and a small area of western Venezuela.

Hábitat: Principally tropical lowland rainforests, tropical dry forests and cloud forests, gallery forests and mangrove swamps.
Eating habits: They mostly eat leaves, for which adaptations can be seen in their teeth. They also eat ripe fruit (when available), buds, flowers and seeds.

Reproduction: The estrus (heat or mating period) lasts between 2 and 4 days, with intervals of approximately 17 days. Gestation lasts on average 191 days and they generally only give birth to one offspring at a time. Intervals between births are approximately 16 ½ months.
Behavior: They live in groups of between 4 and 10 animals on average. In each group there is a dominant male (sometimes two), other subadults, and a harem of between two and five females. Adult males are often solitary.

Size: Males reach a body and head length of between 51 and 69 cm; their tail measures from 56 – 79 cm; they weigh from 5.4. – 11.1 kg, with an average weight of around 7.2 kg. Females reach a length of 44 – 57 cm; their tail measures from 52 – 68 cm; their weight varies from 3.6 – 7.0 kg, with an average weight of around 5.6 kg.


Recommended tours for monkeys-watching:

Nature, Coffee and Culture. Tour of two or three days.

Plan: Immersion in the Coffee Cultural Landscape. Five or more days tour.


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