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Customer experiences

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We are sustainable tourism

RetroCiclas MTB Tours Colombia is fully committed to operating tourist services according the principles of sustainability. The bicycle is environmentally friendly because it does not pollute, and what’s even better is that it helps to improve the rider’s overall health. We see it as fundamental to have a low impact on the environment and the local culture, whilst helping to generate income and employment for the community in the areas surrounding the touristic attractions visited.


Frequently asked questions

It’s been a while since I’ve done any exercise. Can I really enjoy this tour?


Our bicycles and other equipment

Componentes tecnicos de nuestras bicicletas

Our bicycles are GW®, the frame and all other components are made of aluminium, which makes them lightweight and comfortable. They have Suntour® front suspension and Shimano® gears.




RetroCiclas MTB Tours Colombia es una Agencia de Viajes Operadora especializada en turismo de Naturaleza y Aventura autorizada bajo el Registro Nacional de Turismo No. 28851.


RetroCiclas Mountain Bike Tours Colombia- Agencia Operadora de Turismo de Naturaleza y Aventura - Rechaza la explotación, la pornografía, el turismo sexual y demás formas de abuso sexual con menores y por lo tanto contribuye al cumplimiento de la ley 679 de 2001.