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We are sustainable tourism

RetroCiclas MTB Tours Colombia is fully committed to operating tourist services according the principles of sustainability. The bicycle is environmentally friendly because it does not pollute, and what’s even better is that it helps to improve the rider’s overall health. We see it as fundamental to have a low impact on the environment and the local culture, whilst helping to generate income and employment for the community in the areas surrounding the touristic attractions visited.


We never take lunch along with us, not only in order to protect the natural area that we visit, but also to benefit the community. We eat lunch in small local restaurants, where you can enjoy dishes made with fresh and healthy products from the area, prepared using traditional, homemade recipes mostly by enterprising women who are the main breadwinners in their families. <<(In the photo: María offers us lunch whilst she talks with Inge, a tourist from Belgium, on the tour to Estación Pereira).


Most of our tours include a ride in a Willys jeep as a sample of our coffee culture. We have our own Willys 54 which runs on natural gas, thereby reducing noxious emissions. As we only have one jeep, we mostly hire the services of others through a cooperative of local transporters (Cooperativa Integral de Choferes) which benefits both the drivers and owners.

Other means of local transport include the garrucha and the brujita, both of which are only driven by people from the local community on the tour to Estación Pereira. <<(In the photo: Daniel, the driver of a handsome Willys 54 jeep, transports 3 tourists from the United States).



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