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Coffee Cultural Landscape

paisaje cultural cafetero - retrociclas mtb tours colombia

The culture of the inhabitants of the Coffee Cultural Landscape has its roots in the history of colonization and the “paisa” identity, which is characterized by its pragmatism, industriousness, kindness, entrepreneurial spirit, desire for adventure and natural ability for business.

CWith coffee-growing and its commercialization, a group of traditions and manifestations have been established over time, which are now a source of regional and national pride:

Local craftwork: Some notable products related to the culture of the Coffee Region include the Aguadeño Hat, baskets and wickerwork from Filandia, bamboo products from various municipalities in Quindío, twine products from Aranzazu, cork and edible products cultivated on fincas such as jams and conserves, colaciones, panderos, piononos (all typical baked goods), corchos, panela and other derivatives of sugarcane and coffee.

Local cuisine: Represented by paisa or montañera food, the local cuisine is characterized by its significant quantity, means of preparation, presentation, colors and aesthetics. Furthermore, makes use of the products cultivated on a typical farm in the coffee region.

Arriero (mule driver): Person who, usually with a machete, mules and oxen, helped to open paths towards new territories. Now, it is the same person who works hard in the mountains of the Region.

Willys jeep or Yipao: A North American vehicle from the 1940s, which is still greatly used in the region for transporting coffee and passengers.

Typical dress: The man typically has a hat, poncho, ruana and small leather satchel, and the woman has a skirt, petticoats, apron and headscarf.

Architecture: Towns filled with houses made from rammed earth or wattle and daub with clay tile roofs; doors and windows made from various strong types of wood from the region, adorned with engravings, carvings and appliqués; and entrance halls, patios and corridors decorated with flowers, birds and fragrant aromas. Structures notable for their architecture include parochial temples, cemeteries and some schools.

Recommended tours to enjoy the Coffee Cultural Landscape:

Nature, Coffee and Culture. Tour of two or three days.

Plan: Immersion in the Coffee Cultural Landscape. Five or more days tour.


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