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Local means of transport

Willys jeep

El willys - retrociclas mtb tours colombia

This is a 4x4 jeep which first came to Colombia after the Second World War. They are commonly known as “mechanical mules” due to the important work they do for farmers. These vehicles are a part of the culture of hundreds of families dedicated to the cultivation of coffee, plantain and other crops, which is why they are frequently given a personal touch by their loving owners with showy decorations and accessories. We use this essential part of our cultural heritage on the tours to “Chorros de Lolo”, “Estación Pereira”, “Alto del Nudo”, “Nevado Santa Isabel” and on some private tours to other places in the region.

The Chiva

La Chiva - retrociclas mtb tours colombia

Also known as “bus escalera” (“ladder bus”), these are traditional Colombian buses which have been creatively adapted for rural public transport. They are characterized by their striking colors; mostly yellow, blue and red, the colors of our national flag. We use this mode of transport to travel to the starting point of the tour “Cascada Los Frailes”. We also use it on the tour “Estación Pereira” to return to the city of Pereira.

Marranita or Brujita

brujita o marranita - retrociclas mtb tours colombia

This is a local means of transport which is basically a wooden platform with ball bearings on its four corners. It is propelled along by a motorcycle which has been specially adapted to move along old railway tracks. This Colombian mode of transport is possible on the tour to “Estación Pereira” and in San Cipriano (Department of Valle del Cauca).

The Garrucha

garrucha - retrociclas mtb tours colombia

This is basically a steel basket with wooden walls suspended on steel cables, which allows us to cross a river, canyon or sloping mountainside, by simply relying on human strength to push it along. In Colombia, this mode of transport it is used by our farmers as a tool for transporting agricultural products down from the great mountains of our country. On the tour Estación Pereira, we cross the River Cauca by garrucha, just on the border between Risaralda and Caldas.


Recommended tours for enjoying these modes of transport:

Nature, Coffee and Culture. Tour of two or three days.

Plan: Immersion in the Coffee Cultural Landscape. Five or more days tour.


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